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AirGrade, the new iPhone app from The Pixel Farm

AirGrade works in tandem with a free downloadable app for your Mac. Click the "Download AirGrade Engine" button above, enter your email address and you will be given a download link. Enjoy...!

Welcome to the AirGrade website, home of The Pixel Farm's AirGrade application, a study into the use of multitouch surfaces as control devices for recognised industry technologies.

AirGrade simulates an industry standard physical control surface on the iPhone screen, with virtual rotary and trackball controls for Lift, Gamma and Gain, universally recognised by colourists as shadow, mid-tone and highlights, along with a Saturation control for overall colour intensity. The results are displayed interactively on your Mac monitor in high resolution by the AirGrade Engine, a free auxilliary program installed on your Mac's computer, available from this website.

When you have a 'Look' that you are happy with, it can be saved in the universally recognised ASC format developed by the American Society of Cinematographers for transferring colour decisions between different manufacturers' colour grading and finishing solutions. In addition, a reference picture is also be saved in your iPhone photo library for portable previewing and discussion of your work.

Feel free to use AirGrade in whichever way you choose, but please remember it's primarily intended as a learning tool and most important of all, having fun.

The Pixel Farm Development Team

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AirGrade User Interface
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AirGrade from The Pixel Farm